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A fantastic tale of steaming sex, penetrating drama, high-finance, and, yes, even rollicking humor- 800 Fantasy Lane features 17 of the most ravishing, curvaceous, dazzling, eye-popping beauties ever seen on the screen. The delectable are employed by a real estate firm to lure their well-heeled clients into buying the highest priced Beverly Hills mansions available … and our girls are available … for the kinkiest goings on you could possibly imagine as they respond to their clients every desire.

Penthouse brings you to the upper class gated community of Bangkok, Connecticut, where XXX hardcore perfection prevails! It's a perfect little town where the women serve their husbands in every way! It is too good to be true! Find out what goes on behind closed doors!

If you like seeing men tickled by women, this is the video for you!! Three VERY ticklish men put in very ticklish situations! Chester is taught a lesson he will never forget for harassing the girls at the office as he is double team tickled while in chains! Corey wants a job as a newscaster, but has to endure Renee’s ticklish interview and try to keep his concentration while his sensitive bare feet are attacked! Blake is a postman who likes to look in Tika Raleigh’s window until they decide to get him into the stocks as punishment for what he did! Three amazing scenes you won’t want to miss!!

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