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Sex Scene and www.anime - Little Miss Big Ass. In Face Fucking Inc. 8 Joey Silvera presents eight kink-charged scenes that show the extremes of deep-throat debauchery. Beautiful but incorrigible young wenches submit to cock and get their throats hammer-fucked, and there isn't a dry eye Radio Superstar Bubba the Love Sponge continues bringing the insanity of his radio show to film. Bubba Raw #2 picks up where volume one ended, with more of the outrageous bubba antics with Spice Boy, 25 Cent and the rest of the BRN Crew. Bubba the Love Sponge hosts the most out of control, no holds barred radio show and Bubba Raw #2 is your all-access, behind the scenes look into the world of radio's most notorious bad boy. Featuring Adult entertainment super star Stormy Daniels, Penthouse Pet Taya Parker, Cobra Kid David Weathers versus the venomous rattle snake, the Rev Bob Levy getting strapped into the torment rack, and a homeless beauty pagent. Bubba Raw #2 is the most outrageous entertainment anywhere, this flick is boot camp for all the members of the Bubba Army!

Mistress Rachel and Mistress Karma make a killer team as they use sturdy submissive Marco for 50 minutes. They circle and deliver some dual corporeal punishment as Rachel’s strap-on dangles obscenely between Her legs. It comes to good use as Mistress Karma fucks it over Marco’s face after they beat him and squirts an enormous amount of juice on his face when She orgasms. Mistress Karma fucks him with no mercy and then they face sits him as Rachel Steele tugs his cock. Mistress Rachel and Mistress Karma circle Marco who is bound to the red kneeler. They have heavy leather straps and strike him countless times until his ass cheeks are inflamed. Switching to wooden paddles, they circle him like little sharks on their high heels and alternate striking his helpless derriere until it is beat red. Virtually no talking in this scene. Actions speaking louder than words.

Meet Helena and Keith, a couple who have lost the once passionate spark in their love life. Realizing that they have to do something, they seek the help of a marriage counselor to rediscover their sexual chemistry. What they find is an often hilarious journey satisfaction. And in the end, a realization that love really does conquer all.

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